Clarke Gammon Estate Agents announce Centenary rebrand

Clarke Gammon Logo

Following their recent centenary celebrations, Clarke Gammon have unveiled a new brand identity and logo.

Clarke Gammon Estate Agents, with offices in Guildford and Haslemere in Surrey, Liphook in Hampshire and Mayfair, London, were established in 1919. The most recent brand development is an evolution of the original Clarke Gammon brand that has become a household name within the local area over the past 100 years.

Previous incarnations of the Clarke Gammon brand identity, have been primarily driven by acquisitions and mergers with other local firms over the years. The company’s growth and diversification, as well as their ability to adapt to changes in market and the services offered, is a real testament to the brands continued businesses success.

Partner, Steve Cook, commenting on the rebrand – ‘When looking back at how far we’ve come and everything we’ve achieved, we are so proud of our heritage and who we’ve become today.’

The most recent brand evolution –


logo 1971


logo 1977


logo 1990


logo 1995


Clarke Gammon Article Logo


Centenary Rebrand

The new brand identity above, maintains the connection with Clarke Gammon’s heritage that includes the year 1919, the date the company was established, whilst also presenting a modern, simplified business identity that more accurately represents their business today.

Steve Cook also confirms the motivation and timing for the rebrand  – ‘The addition of Wellers to the Clarke Gammon brand was as a result of a merger with Wellers Estate Agents in Guildford, and as we have in previous times, rather than simply amalgamating the brand we incorporated it, in recognition of the heritage of the Wellers business. Although time moves on, and with our Centenary it made sense to go back to our core brand, which better represents our business in the 21st century, as well as simplifying the brand message to our customers.’

In terms of the motivation for change, Steve went on to say ‘Looking to the future, we want our brand, and our business in general, to look and feel modern and not stuck in the past, with a 100 year heritage, it would be easy to see us as old fashioned, but that is absolutely not the case. For us to still be successful after 100 years we must have done something right.. So presenting a slimmed down core brand that’s more prominent, easier to identify whilst staying instantly recognisable to our loyal customers was our goal. Personally, I think we’ve achieved it!’

Staying relevant

‘Staying modern and relevant has always been our motivation, we consistently try to be innovative with marketing, and the evolution of our brand underpins this. We wanted a modern and adaptable style, but with links to our heritage. This is important for both our business and clients, as we have strong and deep roots within our local market place. By continuing to demonstrate to customers our commitment to staying relevant and modern thinking, whilst staying true to our core philosophy of providing the highest professional stands and proper old fashioned customer service, will, we believe, be more likely to ensure their trust in us to advise them on marketing their property.

We are proud of our heritage, and proud to continue to serve our local community, for another 100 years…’