Discreet, Undisclosed Property Marketing Service

There is and has always been the requirement by some property owners in the southern home counties, in and around Surrey and Hampshire, to market their homes discreetly.

Know within the property industry by different terms; Off-market Sales, Secret Selling, Under the Radar Sales, Undisclosed Sales, etc. Whatever the term, the objective of the service is to ensure that a property is sold without the need for it to be offered for sale by conventional high impact, highly visible marketing methods.

Undisclosed Property Marketing – Best Advice  

During the peak markets of 2021/22, when most properties were attracting multiple buyers, often trying to out-bid each other. Offering a property for sale discreetly would generally speaking not have been best advice for the owner, as an open market sale would most likely have generated much greater buyer interest and a higher sale price.

In more normal markets, when buyers are rather more cautious and perhaps a little more price conscious, finding a buyer is much more about identifying that one perfect buyer and being able to put a deal together that works for both the buyer and seller.

Undisclosed/Off Market Sales Service

Clarke Gammon offer an Off Market Property Marketing Service targeted at property owners that require absolute privacy.

This can be as simple as not wanting nosy neighbours knowing your business, or perhaps the property is vacant, or a deceased estate and security is a concern, or even that the owner is a sports personality or TV celebrity. Sometimes owners just want things to be kept private.

Our Off Market Service is a low-key approach, individually tailored to each client, but in general means that the property is not marketed via conventional means, no property portals or social media channels. The property is instead marketed under the radar to our confidential database of potential buyers, buyers that are often only looking for very specific properties or particular and very specific locations.

Confidential Database

Over the years we have gained a reputation for discreet selling, we know that certain buyers have very specific requirements, some know the neighbourhood or Street they want to live in, indeed some know the exact property they want to buy should it become available. Other buyers have very specific property requirements, a remote country cottage with land, a building plot, woods, a home with an indoor pool, gym, separate home office, garage for 3 cars etc, etc.

To this end, for many years Clarke Gammon maintain a confidential database of these exclusive buyers and their often very particular requirements.

Marketing Your Home Undisclosed

If you are interested in listing your home as Undisclosed, please contact our partner Steve Cook at the Liphook office, discretion is guaranteed.

Buying an Undisclosed home

To register as a buyer on our confidential database for exclusive undisclosed properties you can either call any of our offices or complete our online registration form.

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