Property Management

Residential Block & Estate Management

If you are looking to appoint a managing agent or perhaps are dissatisfied with your current arrangement, the task of finding a suitable firm to manage your development can be a little daunting.

You will no doubt be looking for a specialist local firm that are not only experienced in the residential sector, but are responsive to your maintenance needs and perceptive to the sensitive issues that can arise between neighbouring properties.

We work closely with Clarke Gammon Estates who offer a high level service which is sufficiently flexible to meet the needs of a broad spectrum of residential property developments. They offer a proposition that is unrivalled in our industry sector. This belief is underpinned by:

Operation within a selective geographical area, enabling their property managers to adopt proactive policies in carrying out regular site inspections and many years in the sector have enabled them to build a local pool of specialist contractors. Offering a full and flexible management service, which includes acting as your Company Secretary being regulated by RICS.

Please contact Clarke Gammon Estates for a discussion of your requirements and how they may assist 01483 668000 or Email Us