Your checklist to making your property easier to sell in the New Year

If you’re selling your property, 2018 could be a bright and exciting year for you. From Hampshire homes, to property in Surrey, as the New Year begins there will be many opportunities for sellers who are looking to achieve a great price and enjoy a swift sale. If that’s you then there are some simple ways that you can make your property easier to sell in 2018.

First impressions count

It doesn’t matter if your property is a 4 bedroom home in Surrey or an apartment in Hampshire, the first impression always counts. Does your property have curb appeal? I.e. when a potential buyer arrives does the outside of the property instantly spark interest. Clean gutters and paintwork, a well tended garden, washed windows and a freshly painted front door can all make a big difference.

The details matter too

Although we are often told to look past small defects when it comes to property buying, the reality is that many buyers get stuck on the little imperfections. Whether it’s a broken window or a leaking tap, these kinds of faults can be very off-putting. That’s especially so if you have a buyer who wants to move in straight away with no work involved. So, if you want to make your property easier to sell in the New Year it’s often worth spending a little time on the details, fixing broken tiles, replacing door handles and stopping leaks.

Interior organisation is important

If your home is currently so full of all your “stuff” that it’s almost hidden by it, buyers will find it difficult to imagine themselves living there. Decluttering can be an essential part of preparing your home for sale – and a good first step to getting ready to move. Start by hiring a storage unit and then use it for everything, from furniture that is overcrowding a room, through to books, ornaments and pictures that are cluttering up your shelves and walls. Although the home still needs to feel lived in, the more you can depersonalise it, the more likely your potential buyers are to be able to see themselves living there.

Consider repainting

Painting rooms is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to give a property a face lift. A quick coat of a neutral shade can make interiors feel fresh and new. It may also be an important step if your interiors are currently rather colour-heavy. You may love a deep purple bedroom but your buyers may not, so repainting the walls in something neutral instead is likely to increase the chances of a sale.

Clear up

Messy bedroom closets, dirty surfaces, piles of laundry and dusty window blinds aren’t going to impress anyone. When you’re preparing a property for sale it really is worth putting in the effort to clear up. Put away all your possessions, hang up clothes, clear up the floor and polish your surfaces until they shine.

If you’re selling your property next year and looking to optimise your opportunities, contact our team to find out how we can help.