Why you should partner a local estate agent you can trust in helping you to view?

Viewings are an essential part of the process of selling your property. This is the moment in which a potential buyer can be motivated to go from being interested to actually making an offer. They are a fantastic opportunity to show off the property and allow potential purchasers to see up close what it has to offer. If you’re about to put your home on the market it’s well worth considering partnering with a local estate agent you trust to support you through the viewings process.

Managing viewings takes skill

Although buyers should be approaching property viewings with an open mind, many are easily swayed or put off, especially by a being too pushy. Handling viewings is a skill that a local estate agent will have a lot of experience with. Not only is an agent used to putting buyers at ease but they can also ensure that interested parties have all the information they are likely to need about the property and the area so that making an offer becomes a logical next step.

An objective third party

Anyone viewing your home may be reluctant to ask questions or make comments that may hurt your feelings, for example if they might want to rip out a much loved kitchen or find the bathroom very dated. This won’t apply with an estate agent who is an objective third party who can provide a neutral perspective and information that isn’t informed by personal history or interests. This tends to make it easier for buyers to ask questions that, if they went unasked, could be creating obstacles to moving forwards.

Teamwork makes the dream work

The process of handling viewings is often optimised when there is teamwork between an estate agent and a seller. So, for example, an agent is usually best placed to handle the first viewing but may suggest that you work together if a buyer comes back to see the property again. This approach can ensure that you are not overly burdened with handling a heavy schedule of viewings but that you’re able to provide a unique personal perspective when the time is right.

We understand what’s required to make a sale

Estate agents have years of experience when it comes to helping sellers move on from a property and we can apply that expertise to support you too. This includes making suggestions about how to prepare the property for viewings, from decluttering to ensuring that it receives a thorough clean before any buyers walk through the door. We would also recommend testing lights to check they work and that you’ve created an agreeable environment by ensuring there are no unpleasant smells, draughts or leaks that will put buyers off.

Working with a local estate agent is the best way to ensure that buyers get to experience your property in a way that will make them comfortable to move forward through the sales process. Not only will it reduce the burden on you but this kind of partnership will also increase the chances of a sale.

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