Why you should be using your local estate agent

You can do everything online these days – algorithms always have the answer, right? Well, not entirely. Although the internet is an incredibly valuable resource, when you’re searching for a home, there are some benefits to working with a local estate agent that you just won’t get via your laptop.

Access to all the local properties in your area

Not every property ends up on listings sites and property portals may remove listings after a certain length of time. Often the hottest properties don’t even make it into the online world. If you’re working with a local estate agent you’ll be the first to know about new properties and be able to see everything that’s on offer.

Working with someone who actually understands your needs

There is a big difference between putting search criteria into a computer and speaking to a human being who can process the information you give them. With a local estate agent you’re much more likely to get a customised, helpful response.

Avoid property email spam

If you sign up for email updates from some of the big listings websites you’ll get everything that is even remotely within your search criteria for a specified time period. Estate agents, on the other hand, can search based on personalised criteria and then only send you properties to look at that actually have potential for you.

Be the first to know

Not every seller wants to have their property widely advertised and some homes are snapped up before they even make it onto a listings website. If you’re registered with a local agent you won’t miss out on the properties that aren’t being widely – or very publicly – marketed.


Real local knowledge

One of the major benefits of working with a local estate agent is the level of knowledge that comes with the service. This is particularly useful if you’re moving into an area that you don’t know that well. From information on the best schools to the busiest travel times and which areas have a reputation as a great community, there’s a lot that a local estate agent can tell you about where you’re choosing to live.

Estate agents understand sellers too

You’ll be able to have a conversation with your agent about whether there are any sellers in the area putting the kind of property you’re looking for on the market. An agent can ensure that, if you’re going to make an offer, the personal circumstances of the seller match up with yours (for example, in terms of property chains etc) and if a seller has specific buyer requirements, agents will vet buyers to ensure that you don’t waste your time on properties an offer is not likely to be accepted on.

An ongoing relationship

Many of us move multiple times within the same area and estate agents recognise this. When you work with a local agent you can create an ongoing relationship that can be mutually beneficial for everyone involved, now and in the future.

These are just some of the reasons why it makes sense to work with a local estate agent. Get in touch with Clarke Gammon Wellers to discuss your requirements today.