Why should you consider buying a bungalow?

The humble bungalow is often overlooked as a property choice but has a lot to offer buyers of any generation or demographic. These single storey buildings are incredibly versatile and have a lot of advantages, whether you need a future-proofed home in which to enjoy retirement or somewhere practical to raise a family. If you’re currently looking to move then these are just some of the reasons why you should consider buying a bungalow when you do.


Bungalows are Number 1 for accessibility, over and above any other property type. That makes them ideal for anyone with mobility issues, using a wheelchair or dealing with kids, prams, shopping etc and not keen to climb multiple flights of stairs. Bungalows are easy to adapt for accessibility, whether that’s widening walls or installing ramps on the entranceway and often come with a sizeable plot of land that can be made more accessible too.


There comes a time for most of us when getting the most out of life means ensuring that we feel safe and are able to get around physically. Many homes are simply not suitable for old age, whether they have steep stairs or a construction that doesn’t allow for any internal change. Bungalows are highly customisable and can be easily and cost effectively adapted to enable residents to continue to get the most out of life at any age.


As bungalows are usually either completely detached or semi-detached you’ll often get more privacy with this type of property than with a terraced house. Although some people tend to have security questions where bungalows are concerned they can actually be less of a risk, as their design is a deterrent. Houses over multiple storeys where everyone is sleeping on upper floors at night present a more attractive option for breaking and entering, for example, than a bungalow where all the rooms are on the same level and so an intruder would be instantly heard.

Open plan living

Many bungalows tend to be designed inside for open plan living, providing privacy in bedrooms and bathrooms and then an open design for the rest of the space. This works really well for families keen to ensure that there is some together time when everyone is at home – it’s not possible for children to hide away in upper floors because all the rooms are on the same level. Open plan living also enables property owners to take advantage of the latest interiors, which tend to be designed for this type of living space.

Options for conversion

Bungalows are ideal properties for conversion if you’re looking for change in the years to come. Whether you choose to add an extension or conservatory – or to make the bungalow into a house with another storey, this is fairly easy to accomplish with the right support. The simple design of a bungalow – and its sizeable foundations often make conversion much easier than with another type of property.

If you’d like to find out more about the options for buying a bungalow near you, please get in touch.