Why is Winter a great time to sell?

If you are serious about selling in 2021, you need to act now.

There is a common misconception in the housing sector that because it's winter, the market will begin to slow down. This may have been true in previous years but 2020 isn't like any year we have had before! 

Even with the introduction of a second lockdown, the demand for houses just keeps rising and rising. Furthermore, many property experts predict the market boom will carry on up until the stamp duty deadline on March 31st.

You might think that over the festive period everyone is too busy to be house hunting, but as you can see from the statistics below, the website traffic for Rightmove over the 2018 holidays was very impressive with views of over 3.3 million on 4th January and we expect higher results this year.

Christmas Rightmove Graph2 (003).png

We are already preparing a number of properties for launch this Christmas Eve, with viewings to commence in January, when there are likely to be fewer properties on the market but plenty of potential buyers.

January, February, and March are periods of low supply but high demand. Being ideal for sellers!

As we get into the spring and summer months, the market may saturate and can be dominated by high supply rather than high demand. If you wait to sell then, you become one of many houses that are on the market. Sell earlier in the year and you are one of few houses on the market and focus on standing out from the competition rather than getting lost in the crowd!

If you would like support with listing your house for sale, then please get in touch with us today.

Beat the crowd and make your home extremely visible on the property market!