Why is Surrey growing in popularity as a family-friendly location?

One of the Home Counties, Surrey has long been viewed as an enviable location to live thanks to proximity to London and a wealth of local amenities. It’s very popular with families too and a new survey has established that Surrey might actually be the best place to raise a family. From great schools to the wide range of family friendly activities in the county, there are many reasons why Surrey is becoming an increasingly popular option for family life.

Children in Surrey have low rates of screen time

We are well aware that too much time spent on devices, such as smart phones, can be damaging for physical and mental health. Children in Surrey average around six and a half hours per week in front of a screen according to a report by Witter Towbars. That’s the lowest level of anywhere in the country. The reason? Children in Surrey tend to spend more time outdoors, not just because there are so many areas of natural beauty, but also because of the range of child friendly activities on offer too.

The schools in Surrey are almost all highly rated

94.3% of schools were rated good or outstanding by Ofsted in Surrey, which is an outstanding result for families keen to find highly rated education. This figure means that Surrey ranks third in the country when it comes to quality of education. There are also a range of different schools for children in Surrey, including state and grammar options and private schools.

A great sense of community

Families thrive in positive communities and Surrey has become renowned for encouraging this. From mother and baby groups, to church communities and sports and social groups there are options for all demographics and interests.

Fantastic transport links

Surrey is largely within the London Commuter Belt and a number of national rail routes connect the county to London and beyond. Major roads, such as the M25 and the M3 either run through Surrey, or close by, and Surrey is an easy drive from Heathrow Airport, Gatwick, Stansted and Luton Airports and the Channel Tunnel motor vehicle service.

Low levels of deprivation

Although there are areas of Surrey less well off than others, this part of the UK has the lowest levels of deprivation in the country. This means that fewer people live in poverty in this part of the UK than elsewhere.

Easy access to amenities

Surrey has a comprehensive road network and development designed to provide local residents with key facilities and amenities. Supermarkets, high street shops, banks, post offices and a wide range of leisure facilities are all within very easy reach of most locations, even those that are rural.

Surrey benefits from beautiful natural landscapes, its rolling hills and picturesque towns. It also has a local infrastructure that is designed for convenience and communities that provide plenty of family support and engagement.

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