Why is Surrey an up-and-coming area for London-based workers?

For London-based workers, buying a home in the city centre may just not be feasible. Despite rumours of decreasing prices in light of Brexit, property prices in the capital remain the highest across the UK, meaning that for many buyers, living in the capital is either not feasible, or simply undesirable. This makes Greater London and areas like Surrey and Hampshire the next places for buyers to look for more affordable properties.

Surrey and Hampshire offer greater value

Surrey and Hampshire properties offer something that central London properties can’t – greater value. Not only do buyers get more for their money, but they also have a pick of larger houses, compared to central London boasting a huge amount of flats and smaller properties. Many 3 or 4 bedroom houses in Guildford and other Surrey areas are able to offer generous gardens and outside space, which is simply not possible in many London areas.

Great areas for families

As well as greater value, Hampshire and Surrey have many large and small towns which are able to offer great schools, shops and other necessities for families. This is extremely desirable for families compared to finding a family home in central London, which is much more difficult to do. The close proximity to these necessities, combined with the community feel that towns like Liphook and Guildford are able to offer, and lower pollution levels, provide a great place for children to grow up.

Short commute times and convenience

More and more people are choosing to commute to work from outside of London. This is not only down to price but also that commute times are still short from Surrey and Hampshire. For example, commuters living in Guildford can catch regular trains direct to Waterloo in just 44-47 minutes! Direct links in such a short time give London-based workers a fast and convenient journey to work, whilst allowing them all of the benefits of living in a more rural location.

Surrey and Hampshire are growing in popularity

Houses in Surrey and Hampshire are growing in popularity since they offer the benefit of a more rural setting, whilst also offering easy transport links into the capital for work. This growth in popularity also means that these areas are extremely up-and-coming and have much to offer throughout their towns including stunning views, as well as a wide range of restaurants, shops, leisure centres and more.

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