Why has Clarke Gammon Wellers just joined Zoopla?

Digital technology has enabled plenty of positive change in the property market and websites like Zoopla are a great example of this. At Clarke Gammon Wellers, customer service lies at the heart of everything we do – if there is an opportunity to improve the experience our customers have then we will take it. Joining Zoopla is a step that we see as an effective way to add to our customer service offering to ensure that all our customers can reap the benefits of digital property buying and selling.

The benefits of Zoopla for our customers

It’s a great platform for our fantastic properties

We have a beautiful range of homes for sale and so, naturally, we’re looking for the best possible way to show them off. By joining Zoopla we are able to ensure that these properties achieve the furthest possible reach and that they can be found by those looking for their next exciting move.

It will save everyone time

In today’s busy world, anything that saves our customers time is a good idea and putting our properties on Zoopla can do just that. By joining Zoopla we can make it easier for our properties to be found by those who have matching requirements.

Property comparisons are simple

One of the main reasons that anyone uses a property site like Zoopla is because it makes it possible to see a wide range of properties in one place. As a result, comparisons can be made between those properties to find the right option. By listing our properties on Zoopla it will be easier for potential buyers to see the attractive features of the properties on offer, appreciate accurate pricing and to compare this to other similar properties in the area. We know that our properties will shine in this process so Zoopla is a great way to benefit from these positive comparisons.

Making process management easier

If there is anything that we can do to simplify the process of buying and selling for our customers then we will take that step. This is one of the firm’s primary motivations in joining Zoopla, as there are lots of process management advantages that will enable us to pass on time and efficiency savings to our customers. Customer service is key at Clarke Gammon Wellers and we believe joining Zoopla will enable us to deliver even more customer service benefits.

Advanced technology

As more and more of us increasingly use our mobiles to browse for properties online, apps have become a crucial part of the process. By joining Zoopla, our properties will also feature on the Zoopla app, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest property technology available, whether that’s enjoying the advantages of access to app features or ensuring properties for sale reach a wide app audience.

We are always seeking out opportunities to improve service and experience for our customers and look forward to the benefits that joining Zoopla can bring. If you’d like to find out more about the properties we have that are available near you, get in touch with the Clarke Gammon Wellers team today.