Why does Clarke Gammon Wellers support Children with Special Needs?

At Clarke Gammon Wellers we believe that it’s important to give something back. And, as this year is our centenary year, we’ve been looking for a way to mark such a special anniversary. Making a donation to the Children With Special Needs charity is the perfect way to celebrate how far the business has come since it was first established in 1919 by sharing some of that success.

Clarke Gammon Wellers – 100 years strong

When our business was set up in 1919 no one could have predicted that we’d still be going strong a century later. Auctioneer and estate agent Sidney Clarke and surveyor Frank Gammon created the firm with the intention of providing a professional service with a personal edge. That has been the approach of Clarke Gammon Wellers across all of the change and evolution that has happened to the firm since it was first set up.

For example, in 2003, Clarke Gammon – as the firm was then – merged with Wellers, experts in agricultural and equestrian property, farm management and rural practice. This increased the range of specialist expertise at the firm and boosted the professional ethos. Today, Clarke Gammon Wellers is renowned for bringing together professional knowledge with local expertise and a personal approach to service. The team delivers services across a wide range of areas including:

• Commercial property

• Residential

• Rural

• Agriculture

• Land and new homes

Children With Special Needs

Backing the Children With Special Needs charity is something that we are very proud of at Clarke Gammon Wellers. Our Partner Tony Jamieson and his wife Jenny are patrons of the charity and have been supporting it for several years. This exceptional organisation raises money for children with special needs across Surrey, North Hampshire and East Berkshire. All the funds that are raised go towards helping a range of individuals, as well as groups and schools associated with children with special needs.

The money may be used for a broad spectrum of different projects, including holidays, tuition and equipment. Funds are also set aside for talented children who are struggling to reach their full potential as a result of a lack of support. This active and admirable organisation does so much to improve the lives of those who need support in the area and we’re very proud to be able to help with that.

Clarke Gammon Wellers charity donation

We’re very happy to be celebrating our 100 year anniversary in 2019 by handing over a cheque to Children With Special Needs to support the valuable work that they do on a daily basis. We’re giving £100 of our commission for each property sold. The money we’ve raised will go towards helping with many of the charity’s projects and we look forward to seeing the outcome of the support that we’ve been able to give. Everything we’ve raised will go directly towards making a difference, as all those involved are unpaid volunteers.

If you’d like to find out more about Children With Special Needs, visit the charity’s Children with Special Needs Foundation.