Why Clarke Gammon Wellers has just joined LonRes

LonRes is a powerful property data network that gives property professionals like us tools to work more efficiently and effectively for our customers and our business.  At Clarke Gammon Wellers we have just joined LonRes, as we view it as a resource for professionals that has been created to help improve experiences in the property industry.

What is LonRes?

It is a combination of resources and connections – both an up to date and accurate source of data for the London property market and a network that enables us to maximise exposure of the properties that we are working with. So far it has attracted more than 6,000 property professionals who are spread across more than 1,000 offices. More than 2,500 of those subscribers are logging in daily to get the latest information and insights into the London property market.

Why  has Clarke Gammon Wellers joined LonRes?

LonRes has been developed by property professionals, for property professionals. The individuals who created it have combined industry experience of more than 60 years and an innate grasp of what a genuine understanding of the London property market really looks like. LonRes has been developed by listening to other property professionals and is designed to help create more business opportunities. Probably the most attractive features of the LonRes approach come from the fact that the intention is to simplify the complex elements of London property and make key data and networks accessible to all those who use LonRes.

What are the benefits of using LonRes?

  • Real time, accurate data. LonRes provides up to date data on the London property market that is incredibly accurate. It’s possible to track, in real time, the progress of a property that comes on to the market, from first availability to the moment that it is either sold or let.
  • Sales Archive and Lettings Archive. LonRes provides a comprehensive database of sales and lettings data for London property, making it a goldmine of information for property professionals looking to ensure that they are well equipped with the tools to do the best possible job for customers.
  • More data than any other source. One of the major benefits of using LonRes is the fact that a broad swathe of combined data is available in one single location. It offers significantly more data than would be found in any other single resource, including the Land Registry and other major property portals.
  • Quality of data. The data available via LonRes is high quality and reliable in its accuracy.
  • An exclusive network. Joining LonRes means Clarke Gammon Wellers becomes part of an exclusive community of leading property professionals, the highest flyers in the London residential market. With strict qualification criteria for those looking to join LonRes, the opportunities and partnerships that can be generated via the LonRes network have the potential to be incredibly fruitful.

If you would like to find out more about us – or the residential property opportunities near you – contact a member of our expert team today.