What to look for when downsizing to a maisonette in Surrey

There are many reasons why Surrey attracts homebuyers of all sorts. For retirees in particular it’s an area with huge appeal. Lively local retirement communities, great transport links and a wealth of activities and entertainment to choose from make this a prime area for anyone with retirement on the horizon. So, if you’re looking at downsizing to a maisonette in Surrey to enjoy the retirement of your dreams what should you be looking for?

A home that enables your lifestyle goals

Do you see your retirement as one full of travel or somewhere that you can sit back in a beautiful space, tend the geraniums and enjoy the evening sunshine with friends? What you’re hoping to achieve by downsizing to a maisonette in Surrey will have a big part to play in finding the right property. So, it’s well worth going through your goals now to create a list of what you’re hoping to find in the right place.

Space that is enough but not too much

There is an obvious adjustment that needs to take place when you downsize your home. Finding the perfect maisonette can be a process of trial and error – you’re looking for a property that feels spacious enough for you without feeling empty. To help with the transition it can sometimes be useful to do a trial run with the space that you already have. This will enable you to identify what kind of dimensions are going to work for you. It will also give you a head start when it comes to working out what furniture will fit in your new home and which pieces it would be worth getting rid of before you move. 

A property that accommodates your deal breakers

We all have different “must haves” and deal breakers that will make downsizing to a maisonette in Surrey the perfect experience. Once you have identified yours you will find it much easier to make choices and to find the ideal property. This could be some outside space with room for tubs of herbs or flowers. It could be a small room that you can convert into a home office. Or it might be space for bunk beds so that you can have the grandchildren to stay. When you’ve identified your deal breakers then you can start the process of finding the property that gives you everything you need.

A location that you can enjoy

If you’re a bit of a social animal then the right Surrey town or village could make your retirement a very enjoyable one. A property in the perfect location could give you access to nature and wildlife if you’re keen to take up bird watching or hiking as a retirement pastime. If you’re a coffee fiend then the ideal property will be close to the local coffee shops. Remember that downsizing isn’t just about the property itself but also a location that enables you to live your life and enjoy your golden years.

We have a wide range of properties available for those looking to downsize to a maisonette in Surrey – contact us to find out more.