What should you look for in a "Forever Home"?

The culture of buyers has changed over the years and the current UK housing market means that an increasing number of first-time buyers are now looking for their “forever home” rather than taking an approach of working their way up the property ladder. This means that buyers are potentially more specific about what they’re looking for as they want somewhere where they can settle for a long time and often have children. If you’re a first time buyer looking for a new property for sale in Surrey, West Sussex and North East Hampshire here is what you should be looking for:

Checking out the local area is key when choosing your “forever home” – ideally it will be within close proximity to all main requirements such as a supermarket or shops, post office, and maybe a train station so that practical things are already within easy reach. If you have children or want to have them in the future then it’s also important to find out what schools are within the area – both primary and secondary – to make sure the houses in your chosen location that you’re looking at will allow your children to be within the catchment area of the schools you would prefer.

Depending on what you’re looking for in your “forever home” it is worth thinking about whether the area is likely to be built upon over the coming years as an expanding area for commuters who may choose to live in Guildford, Haslemere or Liphook instead of London, or whether you’re adamant that you’d like a quieter country area that is unlikely to change.

Flexibility over property size

While you might have specific criteria you are looking for, such as 3 bedroom houses for sale in Surrey, you should be looking more at the flexibility of the space rather than the house size. For example, something that has become more popular is extended space like an annexe, since children are now living at home much longer, and this acts as a way of unofficially splitting the property into two separate areas where children could use as their own until they are able to buy their own home.

Flexible space may also include things like areas that can be closed off, or tall feature rooms that could be rented out for additional income, especially if there are multiple bathrooms within the property to allow one to remain for personal use by the property owners. Also it can be useful to consider things like whether a downstairs room could be turned into a bedroom later on, if elderly parents were to need to move in or in view of the owners becoming elderly themselves one day and needing a ground floor layout for complete accessibility.

Growth and resale value

More and more people are now looking at extending or building upon their properties instead of moving up in the housing market through selling and buying a new property, so this might be something to think about. You might prefer to look at 3 bedroom houses for sale with the view to eventually making it a 4 bedroom house, rather than making the leap to a larger property initially. This can add space but also value, so providing that you seek advice about planning restrictions, your “forever home” might be a property that you can build upon and change later.

Something else to think about when looking at new homes in Guildford, Haslemere and Liphook is that you might change your mind about your “forever home” over the years and decide that you’d prefer to move on to somewhere else that meets your changing requirements. For this reason it’s worth considering whether the property you’re looking at has good saleability – for example if it is in a particularly desirable location, has land you could sell on if you don’t use it, or could be sold as a mixed use property – which can reduce stamp duty when you come to sell it.

Experienced estate agents in Surrey

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