What do you need to know about selling your home?

The UK property market remains a great place to be for sellers. Despite some fluctuation, attractive sale prices are still achievable and – with the right support – the process can be simple and straightforward. If you’re about to put your home on the market then this is some of the most essential information that you need to know.

The estate agent question

If you’re selling your home then the key question will be whether to use an estate agent or to do the work yourself. If you sell your home yourself then you won’t have to pay an estate agent’s fee. However, working with an estate agent has a number of important benefits including:

  • Less time consuming for you. The estate agent will do a lot of the work so that you don’t have to, from managing advertising to showing people around.
  • Broader networks. Estate agents are likely to have access to a much larger number of potentially interested buyers.
  • Handling problems. If any issues arise during the process of selling your home, working with an estate agent means you’ll have professional support in dealing with them.

If you’re selling your own home

If you decide not to work with an estate agent then the most important questions will be:

Asking price

How much are you going to ask for the property? If you don’t have experience, setting a price can be difficult. You may be able to arrange a valuation with an estate agent if you don’t know where to start. Key factors to take into account will be how much other similar homes in the area have sold for and what is being included in the property price (e.g. fixtures and fittings).

Condition of the property

Do you want to complete work first? Repairs and redecorating could help to add to the value that a potential buyer will pay for your property so you may want to consider completing any planned work before you value it.


How are you going to advertise your property? Property websites and local papers are a great place to start when it comes to advertising. Make sure you have a full and accurate description of the property and lots of great photos.

If you’re using an estate agent

If you decide to work with an estate agent then they will:

  • Visit your home to value it and agree the asking price with you
  • Draw up an accurate description of the property
  • Take professional photos
  • Provide, and put up, a For Sale board
  • Arrange for advertising in high traffic places that will appeal to your target buyer
  • Show people around

You can work with an estate agent on the basis of “sole selling rights,” which means that the agent has the exclusive right to sell the property and even if you end up finding a buyer yourself their commission will still be due. Alternatively, “sole agency” means the agent has the exclusive right to sell the property but there will be no commission due if you find the buyer.

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

Regardless of how you decide to sell your home you will need to ensure that you make an EPC available to potential buyers. This is now a requirement for every seller and if you don’t provide the EPC you may end up with a penalty notice of £200. The EPC is designed to show the buyer how energy efficient the property is by putting it into an alphabetical band.

We can help guide you effortlessly through the process of selling your home – contact our team to find out more.