What can your Estate Agent do for you if you're selling your property in Surrey?

Sellers with property in Surrey will benefit from using an experienced local estate agent. Estate agents can help to make the process of selling far more efficient and ensure that the property reaches a broad audience of potential buyers. If you’re looking to sell a property in Surrey then there are some great benefits to using an estate agent to help you do it.

What does your estate agent do?

Estate agents provide a link between the buyer and seller, opening a channel of communication that can be used for everything, from discussing offers to negotiating an agreement of sale. Estate agents can provide advice and the benefit of experience when it comes to preparing a home for sale, as well as documentary support.

Why use an estate agent?

As there is a commission involved, the decision as to whether or not to use an estate agent does need to be thought through. For most people it’s an obvious choice because of the wide range of benefits estate agent support offers to sellers.

Local market knowledge

An estate agent in Surrey with the right experience will have a great deal of local market knowledge that can be essential in achieving a property sale. They can provide advice on a wide range of property sale aspects, such as calculating a realistic property value based on the local area and identifying why your property will sell.

Access to a broad range of buyers

Estate agents have databases of buyers who are looking for properties. Not only does an agent have access to this list of buyers who are actively keen to purchase but they can use it to identify those who might be a good fit for your property.

Managing the process

There is a lot of effort involved in the process of selling a home, from setting up viewings to being present to answer buyer questions. An agent can handle the process for you and take the admin out of your hands.

Optimising the marketing

The ability to effectively market a property to the right buyers is crucial to any estate agent looking to maintain a positive sales record. So, when you work with an estate agent, the marketing is likely to be the best that the property could achieve. From social networks to a board outside the property, estate agents know how to optimise all the marketing opportunities.

Negotiations with buyers

Not everyone enjoys negotiating – and you’re often in a far stronger position when an experienced estate agent is negotiating on your behalf than if you do this yourself. Many sellers appreciate the support of an estate agent in a negotiations process in order to get the best possible price.

Advice and management

Estate agents manage the sale process for you, including providing advice should any issues arise and repeatedly checking up and down the property chain to ensure all is clear.

If you’d like to know more about selling a property with an estate agent in Surrey, we have an experienced and dedicated team ready to help.