What can character properties in Surrey offer buyers?

Have you ever considered buying a character property? Perhaps that is one thing you are looking for when moving to the Surrey or Hampshire area, for an even more unique country-living feel. So what does a character property have to offer to buyers?

Character is in the name

Character properties often include period homes, cottages, or converted barns which have a number of features which add character to the overall home. Common features of character properties include solid wood floors, exposed wooden beams, bay windows and large feature fireplaces. This provides a very distinct look and elegance that is truly incomparable to non-character properties, so if you’re looking to buy a house with character, it is worth considering what features you are looking for.

Unique history and appeal

Often character properties hold a unique history that is appealing to buyers, with properties sometimes dating back to the early 1900s or even the 1800s. The style of these houses means that no character property in Surrey will be the same, and each will have its own individual finish.

The chance to make it your own

Sometimes buying a character property may mean that there is some need to update the property, for example maintenance, or redecorating – however this allows you to buy a property that already has strong character and simply put your stamp on it to make it your own. Perhaps your 3 or 4 bedroom character property in Surrey or Hampshire could be the perfect balance between a country feel and a modern touch.

Enjoy more space

One of the greatest benefits of living in the Surrey area is that properties generally offer greater space inside and outside than closer towards London. Character properties with high ceilings offer a larger internal feel, with rooms being large and spacious, with older properties often offering distinguished garden areas or large adjoining land that comes with the property.

Find your own character property in Surrey or Hampshire

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