What benefits are there for London commuters moving to Surrey?

Working and living in London is not ideal for everyone. From sky high house prices through to the constant buzz and bustle of being in the UK’s capital city, for many it may just not work. Whether you’re looking to get more home for your money, or you’re keen to enjoy the benefits of being out of the city when not at work, there are many advantages for London commuters moving to Surrey.

Family friendly regions

Areas like Surrey and Hampshire are incredibly family friendly, from the local communities through to the range of activities and schools on offer here. London can often feel very anonymous but moving to a county like Surrey can mean enjoying a much friendlier and more community-minded existence. Towns in Surrey are self contained with shops, entertainment and education within easy reach and the opportunity to make friends who live nearby.

A healthier lifestyle

Pollution levels in London are incredibly high. Like any major international city, London suffers from the volume of traffic on the roads, as well as industrial pollution. Outside of London, pollution levels drop dramatically, the air is cleaner and the lifestyle is much healthier for everyone, both children and adults.

Ease of commute

Moving to Surrey doesn’t have to mean a longer commute – in fact, for some people, a move outside of London could shorten daily travel times. Guildford, for example, is just a 40 – 47 minute train direct into London. When factoring in traffic and the time it takes to get across the capital, this is often shorter than, or at least equal to, commute times experienced by Londoners who don’t live right in the centre of the city. Trains from areas like Surrey are frequent and links to locations all over the city are easy to make, quickly and smoothly.

More property for your pound

The cost of property in London is legendary, not just the high prices but how little property you actually get for those large numbers. One of the main reasons many people choose to move to an area like Surrey is to achieve better value from a property investment. Comparative properties are cheaper outside of London and for the same capital investment it’s likely that you’ll get much more for your money. Plus, properties are perfectly designed to make the most of the additional space outside of London, often with extensive gardens and amenities such as extensions and off street parking.

A rural setting, a positive change

More and more people are beginning to see the benefits of commuting to London from areas like Surrey and Hampshire. The lifestyle change that is involved is incredibly appealing. From closer knit local communities to the opportunity to live a more outdoors lifestyle, enjoy lower crime rates and more amenities close by, Surrey has a lot to offer London commuters and their families.

If you’d like to find out more about the properties currently available in Surrey that are perfect for London commuters please get in touch.