What are the perks of country living?

Four fifths of the UK population is currently based in the city. We are a country of urban dwellers, even though many of us are quick to complain about the overcrowding and strained services of city living. Perhaps as a result of a shift in lifestyle perspectives in recent years, we are beginning to see a renewed interest in living in the country, especially among families looking for a fresh start who recognise that country living has some serious perks.

Breathing clean air

Around 9,000 Londoners are dying early every year as a result of breathing toxic air. So, moving to the clean air of the country could literally save your life. Transport fumes are a huge source of air pollution - in the country, the density of roads is much less and properties tend to be located away from busy transport hubs.

A local community

The anonymity of the city is lost when you move to the country and, as a result, you’re much more likely to be greeted by your neighbours and become friendly with those you see each day. Those who move to the country often do so out of a craving to be part of a small, interconnected community where they are known and people are willing to help.

Lower crime rates

Knife crime, drugs, burglary and assault are all at their highest rates in urban areas. Countryside locations tend to suffer from fewer crimes and generally feel like safer places to be.

Outside living

Moving to the countryside provides access to open spaces, from your own garden through to fields and country lanes that are ideal for exploring. If you’re sick of feeling like your life is lived inside – and dominated by screens – then the countryside has a lot to offer.

More space

In the countryside there are fewer people living in a larger space, which tends to make life a lot more comfortable. That means more space for property, for playing with the kids and for generally living with room to breathe.

A more peaceful lifestyle

Towns and cities are busy and buzzy and some, like London, feel like they never really stop or shut down. The countryside offers a much more tranquil way of life without noise or light pollution and with the potential for all the privacy you feel you need. If you want to go a day without interruption from anyone that’s really only possible in the country.

The impact of being surrounded by nature

Waking up to birdsong (as opposed to traffic noise), the opportunity to take long walks, see local wildlife and be part of the landscape as the seasons change can be very soothing. Nature has a positive impact on humans, especially children, and living in the country means it’s right on your doorstep.

A more sustainable lifestyle

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own food, generate your own energy and generally live a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle, this is much easier to do when you’re living in the country.

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