What are essential things to look for in your new home as a regular commuter?

Commuting to work is a fact of life for many, whether it’s into London or other cities across the UK. For the majority, particularly people with families, living in the city centre is simply not affordable, and doesn’t always fit with family life. This is just one reason why many people choose to commute into work each day.

Family requirements come first

For families, city living can be difficult, since children will need easy access to schools and the use of a car can be useful for reaching places all together, as well as going on holiday. However in London it can be more difficult to own a car, or if you drive into London or another city, parking can be difficult or expensive on a regular basis. This makes great transport links essential for commuters living in Surrey, Hampshire and the Greater London areas.

Saving money by commuting

Regular commuting can be expensive, but there are ways to save money too. Obviously you can save personal fuel costs, but there are also season tickets or annual tickets available which offer substantial discounts. This is not to mention the fact that housing is more affordable on the outskirts and in Surrey and Hampshire than in central London, where property prices are the highest in the country. You will be able to afford a much larger property just by opting to commute daily.

Transportation links are key

Commuting doesn’t need to be an annoyance. In fact, your journey is made easier each day, without having to sit in busy traffic. For example, Surrey or Hampshire to London, such as the Portsmouth to Waterloo line, make the journey into London sub one hour in total, to give you as much free time as possible.

Surrey and Hampshire are ideal commuting locations

The Surrey and Hampshire locations are great as it is up-and-coming with already strong railway links with regular trains, for example you can get from Guildford to London Waterloo in 34 minutes, 8 times per hour, or from Haslemere to London Waterloo in around an hour’s commute time, 4 times an hour. This makes Surrey and Hampshire ideal locations for a reasonable commute, whilst offering much more for your money in terms of the properties you are looking at, for example in London you might be restricted to a 1 or 2 bedroom flat, compared to the 3 or 4 bedroom houses for sale in Surrey and Hampshire.

Clarke Gammon Wellers’ recommends Surrey and Hampshire properties for commuters

If you’re a regular commuter looking for somewhere to live that is within close proximity and reach of London, homes in Surrey or Hampshire could be perfect for you. Many of our houses for sale in Haslemere and Guildford are within easy reach of the Waterloo to Portsmouth line, making it perfect for commuters in both directions on a regular basis.

Find out more about each of these properties or take a look at more properties for sale in Surrey and Hampshire by using our property search or by giving us a call today on any of the following numbers: Guildford 01483 668 000, Haslemere 01428 664800 or Liphook 01428 728900.