Top tips on what to consider when you are just about to move house

There are few things more unnerving than being on the verge of moving house and realising that you’re just not ready for it. If the removals van is booked, contracts are signed and there are other people depending on you then this is no time to feel like you’re completely unprepared. So, if you are just about to move house, these are our top tips to ensure you don’t end up in a disorganised position.

Two – three months before moving day

Confirm the date

Make sure you know the date of the move and that you’ve told anyone else who needs to know (such as a landlord). Bear in mind that moving during the week or at the weekend may have an influence e.g. on costs or journey times.

Book the removals van

You might opt for a man and van or a full removals company – or even hiring a van and doing this yourself. Whatever your preferred method of choice make sure this is booked as soon as you confirm your moving date.

Check your insurance

What will your existing insurance cover in terms of the move – do you need to buy extra cover?

One month before moving day

Start making lists

The most critical list will be everything that you want to take with you when you move. Large items should be at the top of the list (e.g. beds and sofa), followed by smaller items.

Throw out what you no longer need

This is the ideal time to start sorting through your possessions and lightening the load for moving day. It doesn’t make sense to take items with you that you no longer want or need so start selling, giving to charity or just throwing out whatever has become redundant.

Collect boxes

There never seems to be enough packing boxes on moving day so, once you’ve made a list of what you’re taking, work out how many boxes you’re likely to need and then visit a local supermarket or retailer to see if you can get some for free. If not, your removals company may be able to supply the materials or you can buy them cheaply online.

Two weeks before moving day

Plan for moving day

This includes everything, from ensuring your new place will have parking for the removals van to planning the route the van will take.

Check the legals are all in place

Whether you’re in a renting our buying situation now is the time to ensure that contracts, surveys, credit checks etc are all done and passed.

Start packing

Begin with the non-essential items and keep one or two boxes for “moving day stuff” e.g. the kettle and cups so you can make tea.

The final week

Collate documents and information

Make sure you’ve got an easy to access file that contains everything essential, such as insurance information, leases or contracts as well as contact details for solicitors, the removals company etc.

Finish the packing

Don’t be that person still packing at midnight the day before you move – aim to finish most of it at least two days before your moving date.

Arrange to collect the keys

You’ll pay more for removals if you don’t have access to the property at the right time so establish when you’ll get possession of the keys.

Carry out any final checks of the property

For example, check out inventory, clearing the garden, checking the cupboards, turning off equipment or electrical points.

If you’re about to move the whole process can seem incredibly stressful – being prepared is the key.

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