Top 10 tips on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home

There are many benefits to improving the energy efficiency of your home, from reducing the impact you have on the environment to minimising your monthly costs. If this is something you’re keen to do then these are our Top 10 tips on how to get started. 

1. Monitor your own energy efficiency.

Most energy providers now offer to install smart meters as a result of a government initiative to ensure that every home has one. A smart meter will enable you to monitor yourself how much energy your home consumes and where savings might be made

2. Get a new boiler.

It may seem like a substantial up front expense but the quality of your boiler will have a big impact on how energy efficient your home is. A rated boilers are the most efficient and G rated boilers the least efficient. A higher rated boiler could not only help to reduce your fuel bills but also cut the carbon dioxide emissions in your home too.

3. Get rid of the power shower.

Some models can get through more water in five minutes than you’d use to have an entire bath. Switch to a water saving model instead to make your bathroom a more efficient place.

4. Cut out the draughts.

There are some simple steps you can take to help make your home more energy efficient simply by plugging the gaps where heat can be lost. For example, heavy curtains can stop heat escaping through windows and cheap insulation can do the same for the side of your doors.

5. Buy double glazing.

It’s more of an investment than simply fitting heavier curtains but double glazing is also much more effective and can considerably improve the energy efficiency of any home, as well as reducing noise pollution.

6. Upgrade the insulation in your loft.

Heat rises – and if your loft isn’t well insulated then you could be losing a lot of warmth through the top of your home. Upgrading loft insulation can help to save £115 to £220 a year.

7. Add cavity wall insulation too.

You can save upwards of £70 to £250 a year by filling cavity walls with insulation.

8. Shop around for a better energy deal.

There are so many different ways to find a better deal on your energy bills today, whether you switch regularly or once a year. You can also sign up for a green tariff, which means that the provider will match what you use with renewable contributions back into the National Grid.

9. Buy an eco kettle.

If you have an eco kettle in your kitchen you’ll be using 30% less power every time you boil.

10. Consider solar panels.

There are a number of benefits to investing in solar panels for your home, including a potential reduction to your bills if the solar panels are used to help warm the water in your tank. According to the Energy Savings Trust the average home could generate 40% of the power it needs through the use of solar panels.

These are just a few of the options for making your home more energy efficient to help reduce bills and add more value to your property.

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