The pros and cons of moving over the new year period


It’s often difficult to identify an “ideal” time to move in terms of when is likely to be the least stressful and the easiest to deal with. There are pros and cons to moving at any time of year and the new year period is no different. If you’re thinking about finding somewhere new over the winter months then don’t let the timing put you off – depending on your circumstances this could be exactly the right moment to make the move.

The cons of moving over the new year period

Obviously, moving during the school holidays when Christmas is happening does have some cons, including:

People take breaks over the holidays

If you’re considering moving at this time then it’s worth getting prepared well in advance and making sure that you’ll get any services you need at a cost you’re prepared to pay. That could be anything, from relocation services through to getting connected to the internet.

Nostalgia might drag you down

We tend to feel quite nostalgic at this time of year, which can make it difficult to leave things behind. So, be prepared for a little extra emotion if you’re moving over the new year period.

The weather can be a pain

A clear, crisp moving day won’t present any issues but if you’re dealing with torrential rain, gales or even snow then moving day could be a lot more difficult.

This time of year may already be stressful

Depending on your circumstances you might already find the new year period stressful, from the costs involved to the logistics of handling all the people who pop up around this time.

The pros of moving over the new year period

You might find that choosing to move at this time of year actually has a lot of advantages, including:

Everyone has lower expectations

If everyone in the family knows that the new year period this year is going to be all about organising the move then there may be lower expectations when it comes to Christmas etc and with lower expectations everyone may enjoy it more.

You’re more likely to be offered somewhere to stay

If you need a temporary home when you’re moving at this time of year, friends and family are much more likely to offer it without being asked.

A new year is a great time for a new start

There’s nothing quite like the strike of midnight on December 31st for leaving behind an old life and starting out somewhere new.

Children often benefit from moving in the middle of the school year

Yes, they will be the “new kid” in the class. However, this often means specialised attention from the teachers and other students taking a real interest in them, rather than just being part of one big intake.

You might be able to negotiate discounts

Find a local moving firm looking at a quiet December and you could reduce the price of the move compared to what you’d pay during the summer months.

If you’re considering a move over the new year period and looking for the perfect new home we have a wealth of properties available to choose from. Get in touch with us today to find out more.