The Importance of the garden when selling your house

If you are lucky enough to have a garden attached to your property then you already have an advantage when it comes to selling. However, that depends on whether your external areas look good and are well maintained or have been left to go to seed. According to research, potential buyers can make a decision about whether they like a property or not based on the exterior in just 10 seconds. So, the garden can have a crucial role to play in success when it comes to selling your house.

Making your garden an asset

  • Declutter your space. Just like you wouldn’t present your home for sale in a mess, the same goes for the garden too. Potential buyers need to be able to see what’s in the garden and to be able to imagine themselves enjoying it. So, before you even have photos of the property taken, declutter the outside space by putting away toys, washing lines etc and getting rid of garden rubbish.

  • Update and improve. You don’t have to spend a fortune to improve the state of your garden. Treating paintwork and woodwork and making good any damage is a quick and simple way to give the space an uplift. You can also clean down or replace any outdoor furniture that has become dirty or discoloured. Removing garden debris – such as cut grass or leaves – and cleaning drive ways (e.g. with a jet washer) can also make a huge difference to the overall impact the outside of the property has.

  • Focus on the front garden. If you’ve got a garden area outside the front of your house this will be one of the first parts of the property that visitors see – and also one of the last when they leave. It’s here that you can seriously improve the property’s kerb appeal by tidying up grass and flowerbeds, adding hanging baskets and cleaning up any paving.

  • Give the back garden some buyer appeal. Once you’ve done the basics to update and improve your back garden it’s often worth thinking about the ways that you could increase its appeal to buyers to help them imagine themselves living there. For example, you can add lights or furniture to give the area more of a sense of being a social space or add a lockable gate to increase appeal to families who are looking for somewhere secure that children can play.

  • Consider a big selling point. While most buyers are likely to steer clear of something like a Jacuzzi (maintenance and upkeep costs can be high), adding a useful feature – like a shed – or something aesthetically appealing, such as a summer house, can be a great way to increase the appeal of the entire property to someone who is thinking of buying it.


Your garden has a big role to play in how successful you’re likely to be in swiftly securing a buyer for your property. It can be a big asset as long as you’ve prepared it well.

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