Step by step, how to sell your house!

Are you looking to sell? Sometimes it’s hard knowing where exactly to start. Our step by step guide might look like a lot of information but it can really be a good reference point to help you during this process.  

  1. Work on your finances.

With our mortgage valuation tool, get a rough idea of the property worth.


  1. Choose your estate agent. 

You have options. Do you use a local or online estate agents?, choose carefully, don’t always be drawn by the highest price and cheapest fee! A High Street Estate Agent has to work for their fee rather than you paying upfront.

Do some research, compare estate agents by what resources they use, how close they get to the asking price and how successful they are. 

Agree on a fee, don’t always go for the cheapest, make sure you’re getting the best service and marketing.


  1. Get an energy performance certificate.

You will need one to provide to potential buyers, your Estate Agent can assist you with this. 


  1. Decide how much.

Get to know your local market. This will help you decided. 

Get several valuations. You don’t need to go with the highest either. 

Buyers sometimes like to negotiate, but adding a 5% or 10% could deter a buyer, so the right figure will generate the best interest. 


  1. Get a conveyancing solicitor.

They handle the legal work. 

Get an overview of how much conveyancing costs. 


  1. Fill out your paperwork.

There is going to be a lot of it! 


  1. Accept an offer!

Congratulations, the estate agents legally pass all offers over to you. 

Once you’re happy with the offer, formally accept. 


  1. Work on your draft contract.

You and the buyer will have to agree- 

  • The length of time between exchange and completion. 
  • What fixtures and fittings will be including, and if they have a cost attached? 
  • Any issues resulting from the survey may lead to renegotiations. 


  1. Contracts get exchanged.

This is the process when you become legally committed to selling your property, and they become legally committed to buying from you. 

When you sell the house, you are responsible for maintaining the property until the sale is fully complete. 


  1. Move out.

It is less stressful to move out before the day of completion if possible.  

Completion is when the property changes ownership. Once the keys have been handed over. 


  1. Pay off your mortgage

The mortgage company will have given you and the solicitor and outstanding amount for the day of completion.  

Now the buyer has transferred the money that will essentially pay off the mortgage for you.  


  1. Settle with everyone. 

Once completion has been finalised, your conveyance solicitor will send you an overview covering all their costs, as well as outing the sale price. 

If you’re buying and selling at the time, you can settle for both transactions at the same time.  

There can sometimes be a small discrepancy and you may even get a little refund.