Start planning for your move in 2019 following these top tips...

A new home means new opportunities and a fresh start – if this is what you’re hoping for in 2019 then now is the ideal time to start preparing. While moving home is exciting it can also be incredibly stressful. However, the more ready you are for the move, and the more planning you’ve done, the more straightforward it’s likely to be.

Top tips for preparing for a 2019 move

Remember Brexit happens next year

This is most likely to affect anyone who was planning either to move from the UK to another EU country or into the UK from somewhere in Europe. While the final Brexit deal has yet to be agreed by MPs it’s clear that there will be some restriction on free movement. So, if Europe has a part to play in your moving plans, being prepared will involve working out if there is any element of Brexit that could affect you.

Make sure you understand the big costs involved

This will include any charges due for obtaining your mortgage, such as a broker’s fee, and the interest that will be due. It’s also crucial to be aware of how much stamp duty you’re likely to have to pay. For first time buyers there is currently a stamp duty holiday on the first £300,000 of any purchase. For everyone else (and above that initial £300,000 for first time buyers) regular rates of stamp duty will apply. There are penalties if a stamp duty return is not submitted within 30 days after a purchase but your solicitor should be able to handle this for you.

Find a good solicitor

A good conveyancing solicitor will steer you through the process of finding and buying a property and ensure that you meet deadlines, such as those for transferring the deposit or paying your stamp duty. You can also use a licensed conveyancer for your move – fees are normally lower and conveyancers do a great job where transactions are straightforward. As well as the professional fees of your solicitor or conveyancer you’ll also need to budget for the cost of searches.

Create a timeline for yourself

If you start today when are you hoping that the process of moving will come to an end? Plan enough time for searching for a new property, as well as allowing the legal part of the process to be carried out. Key elements of the timeline will be: when to apply for a mortgage, handling delays if you’re part of a chain, when to instruct solicitors and the date to book the moving truck for. The more organised you are in advance, the smoother the process is likely to be.

Start your preparations early

This could be researching moving costs or solicitor fees, working out the best time to move in terms of the weather, or starting to clear out your attic and box up your furniture and possessions. You don’t need to have already made an offer on a new home to slowly start the process of getting ready to move.

Moving home is much easier when you’re prepared – if you’re hoping to move in 2019 now is the ideal time to start getting ready. Get in touch with Clarke Gammon Wellers today to see how we can help...