Some Smart ideas for a Smart Home

The Smart Home is a concept that would have seemed fictional a decade ago. However, today it’s entirely possible to control everything, from the temperature of your heating to turning your kettle on, with a device such as a smart phone. Convenience is the major benefit of the Smart Home, which also offers some opportunities to save on cost. These are some of the smartest ideas around for your home today.

Smart thermostats

Energy is a huge expense for most households today so having more control over where and how it is used will always be an advantage. Smart thermostats were one of the first innovations for the smart home but have evolved considerably since the initial designs were created. Basic smart thermostats offer the opportunity to control the heating in your home, whether you’re there or not – so, for example, you can turn the heating on when you’re leaving work so that your space is toasty warm when you get there. Some of the more advanced models will monitor your heating habits and learn from them to optimise heating controls.

Smart light bulbs

The smart light bulb may not be the fanciest or most innovative idea for your home but it’s popular because it has a lot of benefits. Smart light bulbs can be controlled via a smart phone or voice control, whether you are dimming the lights from the other room or switching them off when you get to work. They also offer a wealth of opportunities for personalising the lighting experience, including a range of different colours and the ability to sync lights with movies and music.

Smart appliances

The Internet of Things now means that every appliance in the home can be networked if it has the right design. Smart fridges, for example, have touch screens that have the facility to create handwritten notes to leave for others in the household. They can also stream films or play music and even connect to social media. A smart washing machine can make life easier as you can switch it on wherever you are – even if you’re not at home. It will notify you when the programme has finished and some models can also identify when they require maintenance or repairs.

Smart assistants

Siri from Google, Alexa from Amazon and Cortana from Microsoft are three obvious examples of smart assistants that are quickly becoming essential in smart homes. These voice controlled assistants are integrated into a smart speaker and can be used to search online, play music, stream movies or control other smart items around the home, from the fridge to your kettle. Many now incorporate a screen to provide extra functionality, such as video calling and a direct link to the front door to see who has just rung the bell.

Smart homes are becoming increasingly popular thanks to the range of lifestyle benefits that they offer. Given the speed at which this technology has evolved in the last 10 years it’s likely that even more change is coming. 

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