Should you choose a detached, terraced or semi-detached property?

The type of property you buy in Surrey and Hampshire, whether it is detached, semi-detached or terraced, will often have an impact on the price you pay. Different property types will also have different features to offer, depending on their location too. Here are some things to consider if you’re unsure whether to look for a detached, semi-detached or terraced property.

Inside space considerations

If you’re looking for a spacious property, then it’s important to look at the square footage of properties. Property types come into play when considering the amount of space walls can take up of this floor – a detached house will often have more walls space within this square footage as terraced or semi-detached houses will share walls. Look at room sizes carefully for each property you consider, to see how much space there is.

Neighbours and the surrounding area

Noise is a serious consideration for some buyers. When visiting the properties in Surrey and Hampshire, ask about the neighbours and the area – if you are likely to be bothered by the noise of neighbours, you may seriously consider a detached property as your preference, however an end-of terrace could be a great option if you really like the surrounding area. This will often give you some additional garden space and even room space compared to others in the terrace too. Perhaps the sense of community is something you really like, and living in a terraced home and feeling closer to your neighbours can be extremely desirable.

Land and garden space

If you’re moving to a more rural part of Surrey or Hampshire, plenty of land and outside garden space might be one of your top requirements. In this case, detached properties are more likely to be able to offer a greater land size, since it is not limited by adjoining houses. For families looking for sufficient garden space for children to play, realistically many terraced houses in the Surrey and Hampshire areas will offer a large enough space for you to enjoy as a family.

Cost and value for money

The type of property you opt to buy is down largely to personal preference, however many of us are limited to some extent by costs and value for money. In this case it is down to balancing what your priorities are for your dream home. For example, you might feel that the additional cost for a detached house is not as good value for money when a semi-detached property meets the rest of your needs, or a detached property may just have the charm and privacy that you want in your next home.

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