Sally Hoskins has clocked up 45 years working for Clarke Gammon Wellers

How can you condense 45 working years into a few sentences?

“I must have liked working for the company to have remained here for so long, with both a professional and friendly approach, the work is always interesting, and you never quite know where the next phone call is going to take you, hopefully to another property for sale or an interesting and long term project. 

Clarke Gammon Wellers is all about its people, and one of the nicest things about having stayed in the same job is the number of long term friends and contacts I have made along the way, and am still making, some of which are old clients, and many of which are friends I have worked with and continued to keep in touch with over the span of 45 years.

As well as experiencing the obvious ups and downs of the property market and increase in house prices during these years, it is technology that has been the greatest change in the way my job has transformed and the way the office operates today. 

When I first started with Clarke Gammon & Emerys, as it was known in 1971, I had to learn how to use a whole new range of office machinery to produce a set of sales particulars.  From manual typewriters and old inky Roneo printers, to what seemed like the first ever photo copier, a hand made device for sticking double sided sticky tape to the back of rolls of black and white photos, to folding machines, envelope printing machines to guillotines and franking machines. All of these machines became part of everyday life and it was usually me that ended up with more ink on me than the machinery!

It was also my role to ensure that the local mail was hand delivered to the various Solicitors offices in the town centre each morning and I soon got to know where all the local cake shops and boutiques were en route!

My role today as PA to Tony Jamieson is very different from my days as the office junior (except that I still have to make his tea!).  It is still all about machinery, but today it is computers linked to printers and photo copiers, scanners and digital cameras, a much more professional way to produce a valuation report or glossy brochure. I do still enjoy the diverse areas of work Tony specialises in and there is literally never a dull moment, and each time the phone rings it could be another opportunity or new instruction!”