New poll reveals majority of public still unaware of 'Build to Rent'

With renters increasingly demanding better choice, security and benefits from the rental market - the future seems bright for secure, high quality options. There's just one snag – the public haven't heard of them.

New polling carried out by Deltapoll on behalf of Love to Rent, the UK's first Build to Rent specific search platform, has revealed that 59% of the British public have not heard of the term 'Build to Rent'. Of those who had heard of the term (38%), less than a quarter felt they knew what it meant.

The polling has also revealed that nearly four in ten British adults expect that they or their children will be living in rented accommodation in ten years' time, making the need for high-quality rental properties more urgent than ever.

Living trends show an increase in people choosing to rent over traditional homeownership, including more retirees and families.

Jamie Ratcliff, former Assistant Director of Housing at the GLA, commented: “I believe that Build to Rent is a vital part of the consumer offer and housing supply challenge to help tackle London's housing crisis. I'm delighted to see the launch of Love to Rent, the UK's first search platform exclusively for Build to Rent homes, which will positively support that.

Love to Rent will help to promote the consumer benefits of build to rent homes, as well as highlighting to customers that they do have more choice in the rental market.”

Anne-Marie Brown, Love to Rent founder and CEO, said: “Renters are increasingly demanding better quality and more secure tenancies. But one of the biggest barriers to achieving this is that the public simply don't know they exist.

As the UK's first and only online platform specifically developed to showcase Build to Rent developments and properties, Love to Rent can be the catalyst to shake up the rental market, delivering more choice and better quality.”

The polling also reveals that over-65s have the highest awareness and understanding of the term 'Build to Rent' at just over 30%, compared to 17% of 18-to-34-year olds.

Anne-Marie Brown, adds: “As the quality and security of rented homes improve, people of all ages are opting for the increased flexibility that comes with a Build to Rent property. But it's crucial that we ensure that customers know that they don't need to settle for second best when choosing a home.”