New Builds: What is all the fuss about?

Have you ever considered buying a new-build property? There are new properties being built all the time, and interest is growing around these new developments. These are often built consistently for the whole development in a specific style and design, but there are also a number of other differences between new-builds and residential resale properties.

Buying a new build home

The process of buying a new build home is often much faster than a resale purchase, meaning buyers need to be in a position within 28 days to exchange contracts, normally with at least a 5-10% deposit. Your reservation deposit will be used to begin the process of acquiring your specific home, before you can get a mortgage ready. The actual purchase should take around 2 weeks to complete. The main reason that this process is so quick compared to resale properties is because there is no previous owner and therefore no chain, so it simply relies on the buyer being ready to complete the purchase.

Bespoke design input

With new-build developments, there is also sometimes the option to customise certain elements within the property. For example, buyers can often select materials to fit their personal choice, such as carpets, work surfaces and tiles. This is something that can sometimes be included in the cost of the purchase and the work completed before moving in, compared to a resale where this would all be within personal costs and time to sort, and cause more disruption. Bespoke elements give a new-build home a homely feel before you even move in.

Other considerations

There are other considerations that you might want to think about, which is the size of the property, and how much outside space you have too. Depending on your preferences, this may be a factor that sways you towards one property over another, whether a new build or resale property. Every property will be different, however new-builds tend to have more built-in storage and are designed efficiently to make better use of space, so this could be an important factor for many buyers.

Find out more about new-builds

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