Know these tips when putting your property on the market

If you’re considering putting your property on the market then you might be under the impression that it’s a matter of luck in terms of whether a buyer comes along. There is a certain element of timing involved in finding the right purchaser for your property. However, there’s also a lot that you, the seller, can do to make a difference to the interest generated.

Seek out some impartial input

Ask a friend or someone who isn’t in the property day to day to walk around it and highlight anything that they see as a potential issue. They might feel that clutter is detracting from the experience of the space or that there are small issues you could fix – such as cracked glass or stained carpet – that might make a big difference.

Once you decide to sell, really commit

If you want to achieve a good price and a fast sale then you need to be on the ball throughout the selling process. That means ensuring that the property is always ready for viewing and being responsive about setting up dates and times. If you’re hesitant or unhelpful then you’ll find that buyers are quickly put off.

Photos are essential

It’s a good idea to invest in high quality images for advertising the property, whether you have these shot yourself or they are done via an agent. Dress the property for selling so that it is displayed in the best possible light in your images. To achieve this you may need to have a clear out and tidy up, do a little light repainting, make the beds and put away some of your personal possessions.

Make sure the property feels welcoming

If potential buyers feel welcome in the property then they are much more likely to consider it home. This can be achieved with small details, such as adding vases of fresh flowers or a welcome mat. You can also add to the perceived value of your home with some clever tricks, such as making fresh coffee when people come to view the property, putting new, fresh sheets on the beds or even baking – these all appeal to the senses and make somewhere feel like “home.”

Be willing to negotiate

It’s an uncertain market right now with a lot of factors at play so you may need to be prepared to negotiate. Those properties where there is just no movement at all on the price tend to stay on the market for longer.

Find a good agent

Working with the right agent can simplify the entire process of putting your property on the market and make it much easier to achieve the results that you’re looking for. A good agent will be able to help with everything, from the negotiations on price through to how to best present the property so that it is most appealing for buyers.

There is an art to selling a property but it is not magic. With the right approach and making a few important changes you can get the sale that you want at a price that makes sense.

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