How to sell your property this winter

There are mixed messages when it comes to selling a property in winter. While many people feel like they want to wait until it’s warmer to put a home on the market there is actually a lot of demand for houses and flats at this time of year. Whether you’re selling in the festive period or at the start of the new year, there are a few things you can do to help improve the chance of a sale.

Don’t neglect the garden

Even during the winter buyers will want to see that the garden is in good shape. So, it’s important to ensure that you don’t forget to clear up dead leaves, clean and brush decking and put away any patio furniture. Make sure everything in your garden is in good condition, whether it’s a hot tub or hoses and a garden shed – most buyers will be put off if the garden area looks like it could be a lot of work come spring.

Plug into the desire for cosy

A cosy home feels like a wonderful place to walk into in winter and you can give buyers a real sense of how enjoyable your property is to live in with a few simple tweaks. For example, make sure the central heating is on for viewings and if you have an open fire, light it. Feelings of warmth and comfort can be incredibly effective when it comes to motivating people to make offers on somewhere they could see themselves being cosy next winter.

Light your home well

In the winter, when natural sunlight is less abundant, lighting becomes even more important. Make sure your interior lighting shows off your property – warm, inviting lights are much more appealing than harsh strip lighting. Don’t forget the outside areas too. You might want to add a porch light or pathway lights so that buyers can find their way to your front door even in the dark.

Focus on kerb appeal

This is the impression that your home makes on a potential buyer before they have even stepped inside the building. Improving kerb appeal could be anything, from repainting the front door, to repaving the garden path. If you have a driveway make sure it is empty so that there is room for viewers to park. If your property has a gate then keep it locked to demonstrate how secure the property is.

Don’t go overboard at Christmas

You may be a huge fan of exterior and interior Christmas decorations but if you’re trying to sell your home at this time of year it’s much better to take a subtle approach during the viewings period. Avoid masses of decorations, insight or out, and opt for simple and classy, as opposed to over the top and dramatic.

Selling a property in winter gives you access to buyers who are often quite determined to purchase before the season ends. These top tips will help you to ensure your property is ready when the right one comes along.

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