How to make your New Build property personalised to you

Buying a new build home has a lot of advantages and one of the main benefits is that everything is new. From the boiler, to the windows and the roof tiles, the entire property is freshly built and free from the impact of age, damage or erosion. While this means you’ll have less to think about in terms of maintenance and repair, it can present some challenges when it comes to personalising your property. However, this is not impossible when you know how.

Design choices

If you buy at an early enough stage then you may have some input into the choice of fixtures and fittings. The general rule is that if the roof has yet to go on then you still have time to have a say.

Get inspired

From show homes to interiors blogs, there is a wealth of inspiration out there if you’re looking to personalise a new build space.

Take some time to settle in

You might be tempted to start decorating as soon as you move into a new place but it makes a lot of sense to wait. You’ll need to see how the property functions, and how your existing furniture fits, before spending any money. The experts also recommend that you wait before painting to give the property time to dry out properly – according to NHBC this can take up to nine months.

The importance of lighting

Many new build properties come with recessed down lights built in. Although these are practical they aren’t ideal for creating atmosphere. Lighting presents a wealth of options for personalising your space – soft side lamps, floor up lighters and statement standing lights can all give your rooms character.

Floor textures add a lot of depth

You may not have been able to choose your own carpet but you can still make choices about flooring textures with a rug or two. The right rug can change the look and feel of a room and will give you exactly the texture you’re looking for underfoot.

Upgrade to smart storage

Although storage design is often very well executed in new builds, if you need some extra storage space there are plenty of smart ways to do it. Beds with built in storage, swapping a mirror for mirrored cabinet or installing floating shelves will all give you options.

The windows are all yours

New builds rarely come with window dressings so you have a blank canvas where windows are concerned. Personalise the space with stylish blinds, sleek shutters or curtains that suit the style of the room.

Accessorise the space

Home accessories are available on any budget and are a simple way to personalise a new build. From lampshades, to your kettle and toaster, headboards and throw cushions, you can change the way a property feels with the right accessories.

Incorporate some clever design tips

You may not have huge spaces and impressive dimensions but there are ways to make the most of any property. Mirrors, for example, placed opposite a light source will really open up a room and if your ceilings feel a little low you can create the illusion of height by using the same colour paint on walls and woodwork.

It’s simple to make a new build home your own – if you’d like to find out more about the new build options available near you please get in touch with Clarke Gammon Wellers today or take a look at our Property Search to find new build properties in Surrey.