How to find your "dream home" when you make your next move

Finding the right property is probably the hardest part of moving. Unless you’re not particularly fussy where you live, the right combination of space, location, amenities and extras can be difficult to achieve. However, a “dream home” is within reach for everyone, as long as you know just how to approach it.

How much work are you willing to do?

This is a key decision to make early on and will eliminate a lot of properties from the mix. Are you looking for a home you can move straight into or are you willing to live in a bit of a building site for a while as you fix it up?

Make a list

This is not just any list but one that focuses on what you want from your dream home in a descending list of priorities. At the top of the list focus on what you really want, as well as the features that you actually need. So, this could be the number of bedrooms, the square footage, the location and whether or not a garden is key. As you go further down the list look at what would be “nice to have” but isn’t actually essential, for example a study, space for a hot tub or an attic that you can convert. Focusing on priorities in this way should make it easier to identify the properties that are most likely to fit the bill.

Where do you currently spend the most time?

Identifying the rooms in your home that are currently the most used will help when it comes to making decisions about potential properties. If the living room is where everyone is most often then this is a room where you don’t want to make too many compromises. It’s likely that you won’t love every single room in a property but it’s important that you do like those where you spend the most time.

Identify how long you’ll be in the property for

You might be looking for a family home that will last you into the next generation or this could be a starter property that you’ll be looking to sell in a few years time. This is another important factor to identify before you start looking.

Set a budget and stick to it

Your mortgage and monthly payments should be around 25% of your total monthly income. Any more than this and it could make times feel tight. It’s rarely worth going over a budget just to get a property – avoid looking at properties that are more expensive than you can afford just to “see what’s out there,” as this may encourage you to spend too much.

Look beyond surface aesthetics

If the structure of the house is sound and you like the space and design of the rooms then many other things, such as paint or fittings, can be overcome. Sometimes, finding your dream home means looking beyond the surface aesthetics to what’s underneath.

Keep looking

If you haven’t yet found your dream home, it could be right around the corner. We have a lot of experience helping people find the property of their dreams – contact the Clarke Gammon Wellers team today to see if we can help you to find your dream home.