How to add value to your home for the long run

For any homeowner, adding value to their home is an important consideration for the future, should you choose to move locations, upsize or downsize. Adding value is often subjective, and depends on taking into account current and future trends that potential buyers may see as improvements to your current property. A new bathroom or kitchen suit could be a quick value-add, compared to major works which should be considered a longer term investment. Here are some ideas about what you could do to add value to your home for the long run:

Creating an open-plan living space

A growing number of homeowners are now choosing to create open-plan living spaces by removing internal walls and altering the house layout to some extent. This can change the overall feel of the property, give the illusion of more space, or simply create a more flexible living space to incorporate multiple rooms into one. This is one way to make your property appealing to potential buyers in the future.

Modernising your kitchen

The kitchen is often a key room that potential buyers will judge a property by, since replacing a kitchen can leave it out of action for a short period of time and can be fairly disruptive. Depending on the current kitchen, it may be that the property could benefit from a completely new kitchen design including units and even appliances. On the other hand, it could also be that replacing cupboard doors, worktops or new tiles can make a huge difference to modernise the design without the same disruption and cost of a whole new kitchen.

Bathroom renovations and a downstairs WC

It might be that the bathroom your property has really needs modernising, and this is another factor that can significantly boost the value of your property in the future, if you are willing to put in time and invest in a new bathroom suite or design. However, one consideration to think about is whether there is potential to add a downstairs toilet to your property, as this is something more buyers are looking for to provide greater convenience. In some cases, this can even add around £10,000 to a property’s value, and small finishing touches such as mirrors, tiles and great lighting can really provide an opulent finish that will tempt future buyers.

Practical touches and property style

Another thing that is useful to consider is practical touches such as light switches, sockets, cupboard heights and more – all of these things should cater to the needs of future owners – as well as benefitting you while you live in the property! 

The changes you make to your property should also take into consideration the age and style of your home, and build on the features it has. For example, if your property is a character home with wooden beams, it may lend itself to a more countrified style with wooden interiors compared with newer builds which may suit a slick, modern-style finish.

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