How could a home office improve your work and home life?

Whatever your job is, there is no doubt that having a home office has its advantages. Providing your home has a strong internet connection, there are many job roles that can be, at least in part, completed remotely, meaning that the journey into the office every day is slowly fading out for many people.

Flexible working is becoming the norm

Some roles may require direct customer contact and time in the office, but for the rest of the time, the perception of working from home is changing. No longer is working from home seen as a luxury, but flexible working is considered a standard work “perk” for many employees. The ability to work from home is convenient for employees, but can also reduce office costs for businesses who can reduce the office space they require as a percentage of employees work from home each day.

Convenience and saving time

Working from home provides a convenient and time-saving solution and can be extremely beneficial where possible, especially for people living in Surrey and Greater London where they would otherwise be commuting into the city on a daily basis. If you’re able to have a home office, it can save you the time and money spent commuting each day, whilst providing an office space that is exactly to suit your needs. Perhaps you need a large work surface space, lots of light, or a specific IT setup. Having a home office means you can ensure that your office caters for all the things you need and want in an office space, more so than your corporate office can offer.

Staying connected

Working from your home office doesn’t mean you’ll be disconnected from your employees, employer or colleagues, since you can stay in regular contact via the internet, through written communication and speaking on the phone. You can walk straight into your office at the times you feel the most prepared to work and this can increase your working productivity too.

Happiness and personal space

What’s more is that your home office can become a place of happiness and personal space, as you can customise it to be exactly to your preferences. Your home office can also mean you are able to work from the comfort of your own home, but in a designated room where you can focus on what you need to, without other distractions around.

Home offices can increase the value of your home

Did you know that having a home office can also increase the value of your home? Properties with home offices are more desirable and will help your home hold value, whilst appealing to more and more people who would enjoy the ability to work from home.

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