How can you prepare your property for a survey before selling

Property surveys are essential for sales, not just for a potential buyer but also their mortgage lender who will likely send their own surveyor. So, if you’re about to put your home on the market, you need to be ready to go through the property survey process.

What kind of surveys can you expect?

A potential buyer will want to have a RICS HomeBuyer Report or Buildings Survey. There are different levels of survey that buyers can choose but most tend to go for one of these. As mentioned, a mortgage lender will also be keen to send a surveyor round to the property to establish its value.

Do homeowners need to prepare for a survey?

It’s always worth ensuring that you make it as easy as possible for a potential buyer to follow through the entire process of purchase. So, when it comes to preparing for a visit from a surveyor there are a number of things you can do to get your property ready:

Start packing. It’s always easier (and faster) for surveyors to complete their work in a home that is clearer than normal. So, if there are rooms you rarely use it might be worth starting to pack these up now.

Tidy up. A cluttered and messy home will make a poor impression on a surveyor, as well as making their job more difficult. It may also give the impression of trying to hide potential problems.

Take care of any small issues. Dripping taps, hairline cracks and mould are small problems that are easy to fix before a surveyor arrives and could help to improve your chances of a more positive survey.

Prepare the space. This could include moving furniture away from the outside walls so that they’re fully visible, clearing windowsills and making sure that any parts of the property that tend to experience common problems are easy to access.

Be up front. If you know that there is an issue with the property then tell the surveyor. You don’t need to go into any more detail other than to flag this up.

Don’t forget the garden. Surveyors will check the outside, as well as the inside, of the property and that includes the garden. Clear and tidy outside areas and outbuildings and look out for plants such as Japanese Knotweed, which is renowned for causing issues for homeowners.

What can prevent the survey being carried out?

An untidy home won’t stop the surveyor doing their job but there are some things that will. For example, loft access that is stuck or blocked, drain covers that are too heavy, doors or windows that can’t be opened, fitted flooring (such as laminate), heavy furniture that is blocking access and a property where it’s not possible to get out into the garden or into outbuildings. All of these will cause issues and could affect the survey so should be avoided if possible.

If you’d like to find out more about the property survey – or the process of selling – our experienced team is here to help.