Great tips for creating 'Hygge' in your home

Hygge may have been co-opted by hipster Instagrammers and on-trend interior designers but the actual principles behind this Scandinavian term make a lot of sense. Ideas of cosines, wellness and contentment are at the heart of Hygge. Whether you’re dreading Brexit, struggling with the weather or having a hard time of Mercury in Retrograde, creating a little Hygge in your home can make all the difference to the way that you experience it. Here are some tips for creating Hygge:

Avoid imposing what doesn’t belong

Hygge is all about working with your existing space, its character and features, to create something new and harmonious. So, start by looking at your home and identifying any furniture or features that are interrupting a balanced feel. Make use of the features you have to help the energy flow better, rather than trying to impose an external idea of Hygge that is based on a completely different property.

Let the light in

Natural light is essential for humans and sits right at the heart of wellness philosophies like Hygge. Maximise the light that you have available – if you can’t renovate to remove walls or add bigger windows then make sure nothing is blocking light sources. Switch from dark to light curtains and blinds to create a generally lighter feel.

Minimise the clutter

Overcrowding and clutter are the enemies of Hygge so minimise the space that is taken up by “things” and make sure what is there is good quality and an aesthetic that you really like.

Make tidying up a good habit

It often feels like keeping a home tidy is an endless and relentless task – sometimes it is. However, if you get into the habit of regularly tidying up and decluttering surfaces, furniture and floors your home will feel much more comfortable. You’ll also be able to use it and enjoy it because it won’t be hidden under a layer of life detritus.

Natural aesthetics and textures are a great idea

One of the fastest ways to get to Hygge is to bring in more natural aesthetics and textures. Wool and silk, marble and stone, as well as wood and clay can all help to create calm and make your space feel more grounded. Natural fabrics are also incredibly cosy so add chunky knit throws, soft cushions and floor coverings wherever you can.

Have a den

Dedicate one space in your property as a quiet area where all you have to do is be calm. That could be a cushion covered bed, a beanbag or an entire room that you’ve filled with calming influences.

Invest in smart storage

The right storage can help you feel more comfortable in your space and also reduce clutter. So many smart storage solutions exist today that, no matter what the dimensions of your home, there will be something to fit.

Hygge is a great trend to invest in whether you’re trying to get the most out of your property or your keen to sell. It promotes wellbeing for those who live there and will be appealing to visitors too.

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