Follow these 21 steps to get your home ready for selling

Getting the best possible price – and the fastest possible sale – isn’t purely down to luck. There are also a number of steps you can take to help prepare your home for selling.

1. Declutter

Your home will look better with minimal clutter – make sure potential buyers can see floors and surfaces, are able to look into cupboards and open doors.

2. Introduce some luxury

The bathroom is where this often makes a big difference – thick towels, candles and plants can make a space seem very covetable.

3. Spring clean

Dust, dirt and grime can get in the way of buyers seeing a property they want to live in so give your home a good clean before viewings.

4. Depersonalise

It’s much easier for someone viewing your home to see themselves in it if it’s not crowded with personal possessions.

5. Consider a repaint

Neutral colours on walls and ceilings tend to have a positive impact when it comes to sales.

6. Simplify the interiors

Loud colours, controversial art or complex furniture might put people off if it’s not to their taste so cover up or put into storage any items that might fall into this category.

7. Let the light in

Exchange dark coloured curtains or drapes for neutral shades, let light in and use electric lighting to illuminate any dark corners.

8. Bring the outside in

Healthy plants and flowers enhance any room aesthetic and improve the desirability of a home.

9. Reconsider the furniture

If rooms feel crowded with too much furniture or pieces that are just too large, remove or replace them with something more appropriate when you have viewings.

10. Optimise your storage space

In particular, make sure your storage works – overflowing cupboards and stuffed wardrobes will make a buyer think that the property doesn’t have sufficient storage for their needs.

11. Update and upgrade

You don’t have to do full scale renovation, as little improvements work well too – replacing kitchen cabinet doors, old door knobs, peeling paint or mouldy tiles are small jobs that make a big impact.

12. Make viewings a journey for the senses

Smells are particularly important – fresh bread or coffee are renowned for making a property seem attractive while bacon or drains could be off-putting.

13. Add some little touches

For example, scented candles can create the feel of a welcoming, calm space.

14. Close the toilet lid

It’s bad Feng Shui to leave the toilet lid up – it also tends to put buyers off.

15. View your property

Walk through your home as if you were a buyer – does the flow of the space work or is there furniture in the way?

16. Repair and maintain

Everything, from leaky taps to a messy garden can be off-putting to buyers, as they are signs of a lack of maintenance. Create a to-do list of little jobs that will improve the perceived condition of the property overall.

17. Make the lounge seem more social

For example, turn sofas and chairs to face each other, rather than positioning them directly opposite a TV.

18. Demonstrate the appeal of your home

For example, place a book and coffee cup next to your favourite chair for viewings so buyers can imagine themselves sitting and reading there. Or place a bottle of champagne and some glasses on a kitchen table to indicate a sociable, positive space.

19. Don’t waste your home’s best bits

Highlight original features, great views or exceptional spaces, for example with lighting or decluttering.

20. Make each room matter

For example, if you’ve been using the dining room to dump boxes, bikes or old clothes, convert it back to its original purpose for viewings so buyers can see how the property would work for them.

21. How does the property look from the outside?

Curb appeal is important, from a freshly painted front door to well tended plants.

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