Diary of an Estate Agent

What is it like to be an Estate Agent with Clarke Gammon Wellers? We take you through a week in the life of one of our team via the Diary of an Estate Agent.


The morning starts at 8am, arriving at the office and carrying out some small admin office tasks, like washing mugs and dealing with post. There’s also a message about one of the senior members of our team who has had an accident and broken his ankle. I call for news and find out that he won’t be back at work for at least two weeks.


As a result of the broken ankle my day off today is cancelled and instead I find myself driving up to a beautiful Edwardian farmhouse with a fairly formidable dog stubbornly standing guard outside. When I ring the owner’s mobile I’m told the dog is “only saying hello.” The farmhouse is beautiful but the landscaped gardens are now home to pigs, geese, chicken and turkey chicks that have rather run amok.


This morning it’s a return to the farmhouse – the valuation yesterday went well and I’ve been asked to handle the property. So, today is all about measurements and details, as well as ensuring I have enough dog biscuits for the guard dog. After lunch it’s viewings with the daughter of an elderly couple – the first two properties just don’t work but the third is “perfect.” In fact, it’s so perfect that the daughter sets up an 8pm viewing for her parents who live in Norfolk and – as they’re not fans of motorways – are going to have to do a five hour drive via A and B roads to make it on time.


The potential for a crisis occurs this morning with a sale due to go through today and a vendor who hadn’t quite grasped it was moving day. The buyers were on the phone first thing and keen to get into the property but the vendor was uncontactable, as he’d already had the phone disconnected. I drove to the property – only to find he was there but with nothing packed at all. His rationale was that he hadn’t yet received the money so I had to explain how the system worked. When I mentioned completion was in two hours he looked pretty pale. However, the buyers agreed to a day’s extension and the seller’s solicitor rushed over to help the seller pack and hire the requisite transport so all ended well.


This morning the buyers who had agreed to delay for a day came in for the keys and I handed them over with a bottle of champagne to say thanks for their patience. I also had a valuation on one of the nicest roads in this part of the world and was sitting having coffee with the husband when the wife walked in. She ignored my outstretched hand and was not exactly welcoming. It soon became apparent why, as the husband had unfortunately had an affair with his secretary and the couple were splitting up – with the wife not keen to move. In the end, after a lot of uncomfortable silence, I had to leave them to it with no valuation yet arranged.

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