Could moving into a Town Centre suit your lifestyle?

If you’re looking to move to the Surrey or Hampshire area, there are pockets of different areas to consider. For example there are quieter, more rural areas to look at, as well as more connected, town centre properties. Depending on your requirements, could moving into a town centre suit your personal lifestyle?

Family friendly locations

As a family, moving into a town centre is ideal for connectivity to all that is going on. Town centre properties are generally within closer proximity to schools, shops and other amenities that make life with children that bit easier. If children need transport links such as trains and buses to get to school, town centre life can be much easier in terms of connectivity to the locations that you frequently need to go to as a family.

Commuter links when moving to a new location in Surrey and Hampshire

Perhaps you are looking at moving to Surrey or Hampshire from a more central London area, or you work in the city. Town centre properties are generally much easier to commute from by public transport, especially since driving in the capital can be tricky. You are much more likely to be able to benefit from regular trains, which make commuting simpler and reduce the commute time overall. Town centres are an ideal location for those without cars too, since the great transport links mean you don’t need to rely on driving on a regular basis.

Towns in Surrey and Hampshire have a lot to offer

Town centres in Surrey and Hampshire including Guildford, Haslemere and Liphook have a lot to offer both for London proximity and location since they are located within scenic areas of stunning hills whilst being a very short distance away from Gatwick too. These town centres offer the chance to be part of an affluent, bustling community whilst enjoying a green and rural surrounding area. This can be ideal for people looking to get away from city living, but who are not ready or able to live in a more isolated area.

History and practicality combined

The town centre locations combined with a bit of British history are what make Surrey and Hampshire’s towns appealing to many people. Haslemere, for example, has links to London Waterloo directly within 52 minutes, with 3 trains per hour, and is known to have been home for the infamous Alfred Lord Tennyson during his lifetime. The character of leafy Surrey and Hampshirecombined with the more built up town centre shops means that everything you could need is within a short distance.

If you’re looking for a town centre location property in Surrey or Hampshire, get in touch with Clarke Gammon Wellers today and we will be happy to show you the properties we have on offer that fit your requirements.  For example, we have a cosy 2-bedroom cottage for sale in Hampshire full of character, or this spacious and modern 3-bedroom family home in Haslemere. To make the most of the grandeur of Surrey and Hampshire, why not take a look at this stunning 6-bedroom detached property located in Guildford.

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