Clarke Gammon Wellers’ Partner Tony Jamieson takes part in SCYP Auction

Surrey Clubs for Young People (SCYP) reached their 70th anniversary this year, and to mark the occasion they held an Anniversary Celebration on the evening of Wednesday 20th September. As a part of this, they decided to invite Clarke Gammon Wellers’ Partner, Tony Jamieson, as a guest.

Tony Jamieson’s involvement with SCYP

Tony Jamieson was invited to the 70th anniversary event by SCYP as a guest alongside many others who are personally involved with their events throughout the year. Tony has provided services for the charity over the years, having server as an auctioneer for several events just this year, including their Annual Golf Day which was held at the Farnham Golf Club, at which £20,000 was raised this year for SCYP.

The 70th Anniversary event at the House of Commons

SCYP held their 70th Anniversary event at the House of Commons, where they are joined by several well-known faces, including local MPS, Phillip Hammond, Jeremy Hunt and the Vice Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, Bill Biddell.

What is SCYP?

SCYP is a charity that started in 1947 which aimed to assist young, disadvantaged and disabled children through the Surrey area. They are the largest non-uniformed youth work deliverer that is voluntary in Surrey and they have a vision to engage with any young people who are vulnerable, disadvantaged or at risk of being excluded socially.

Why is SCYP needed?

SCYP’s youth clubs and support help to engage positively in areas where there is a great need for positive youth culture. They also run a range of activities on a regular basis for young people to take part in, including many areas of sports development, specialist activities, challenges and creative learning opportunities.

Supporting Surrey Clubs for Young People

Clarke Gammon Wellers are proud supporters of SCYP, and through Tony Jamieson, maintain a direct and regular link to any fundraising opportunities that they can personally get involved with. We are proud to support a number of different and extremely worthwhile organisations, and you can stay up to date with the latest news about these by reading the Clarke Gammon Wellers blog.