Benefits of moving over the summer holiday

When June and July roll around, thoughts might turn to travel or outdoor swimming, maybe tennis tournaments or BBQs. Moving house probably doesn’t top the list of fun summer holiday activities to prioritise. However, there are many benefits to moving over the summer that could be just the incentive you need to pack up and go.

You’ll have a lot more options

The housing market is much more active during the summer months than in the winter. Sellers tend to view summer weather as a better backdrop to selling a property and so likely to help attract more interest and higher offers. If you’re looking to move then you’ll have a lot more to choose from in terms of available properties in the summer, as opposed to autumn and winter when the property market can be very sluggish.

The weather is better

Ok, so you can’t guarantee the weather during a British summer. However, you have more chance of a dry - and even sunny - day for a move during the summer months than the winter. This is actually more important than it may seem – it’s not just about having a better moving experience but also protecting your goods in transit from the damaging effects of ice or rain. If you’re house hunting then this is much easier when the weather is pleasant, especially if you have lots of places to see.

The days are longer

Have you ever tried to unload a moving van in darkness? It’s not an easy experience. Longer days during the summer mean that you’ll have sunlight hours from around 4am to 10pm, giving you plenty of time to get that move done. Moving always involves delays, whether it’s handing over the keys or getting stuck in traffic with a van full of furniture. If you’ve got those few extra sunlight hours in the day then you won’t be under so much pressure to move so quickly.

The Adjustment is easier for the kids

Moving home is an upheaval for everyone but it can be especially challenging for children, particularly if there is a school switch involved. If you move over the summer then your children get to start school at the beginning of a new term, instead of arriving as the odd one out half way through the school year when everyone else has already made friends. Plus, if you move in the summer there is time to meet other children in the local community and find some new friends before school starts.

Your yard sale will make more money

The summer months are the most popular for yard and car boot sales. So, whether you’re looking to sell off old furniture, clear clutter from your home, or pick up some bargains for a new place, there will be more opportunities to do so when June, July and August roll around.

Now is the ideal time to make a move to a dream new home – contact our team to find out what’s available where you are.