5 tips for an easier sale of your Surrey property

Property sales peak during the spring months so, if you’re looking to sell as soon as possible, now is a great time to start getting prepared. Whether it’s a 3-bedroom house in Surrey or an apartment in Hampshire, every potential seller can benefit from these key tips.

1. Make an impact with the entrance

First impressions count so the initial 30 seconds when a buyer walkers through your front door can make all the difference. Make sure the space feels uncluttered, welcoming and instantly gives the buyer the sense of being at home. A fresh coat of paint or new carpet in the hallway are always a good investment. It’s also far cheaper than you might think to replace stair parts so that stairs contribute to a positive overall impact as soon as the buyer arrives.

2. Get those little jobs done

From a leaky tap, to a broken windowpane or cracked tiles it’s always worth getting the small repair and maintenance jobs done now before the number of buyers viewing your property peaks. Many buyers want to move straight in so small issues like this can be off-putting. Others will assume that if the property hasn’t been well maintained on the surface it could also be a sign of deeper issues so it pays to take care of the details.

3. Decluttering is good but avoid depersonalisation

Clutter can be a big obstacle for a buyer looking around a property they’re considering investing in. It’s often hard to see past great piles of clothes or ornaments to the basic bones of the house underneath. Cluttered spaces are not appealing and buyers might find it difficult to imagine themselves in your Surrey property if they just can’t see past all your stuff. So, clear surfaces and floors, well-organised shelves and tabletops are a must. However, there is a balance – if you go too far with decluttering then your home may feel more like a hotel. Many homes are sold on, not just the property, but the lifestyle they represent too. So, leave personal touches around that will give a buyer something to think about.

4. Consider the kitchen

When it comes to buyer decision making it’s often the kitchen that will swing it one way or another. So, anything that you can do to make your kitchen more appealing is a bonus. If you can’t afford to re-do the kitchen (or you don’t want to) then simple things such as a new worktop or sink, replacing old tiles or fixing new doors to cabinets can give the whole room a lift.

5. Use different welcoming scents

If there is one thing that will put buyers off a property it’s bad smells. If you have issues with odours then it’s important to find the source and deal with it, rather than simply trying to cover this up. Once you’ve dealt with any unpleasant smells then consider what scents might help to sell your home. You don’t have to go as far as baking fresh bread (although that is supposed to be a very motivational, homely smell for buyers) but fresh flowers or subtle room fragrances could be a good move.

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