4 benefits of buying a new build property over other property types

A new build property is a great investment whether you’re buying alone or looking to move with a partner or family. These properties are chain-free, eligible for Help to Buy and ideal for buyers who are keen to move straight in. If you’re currently considering a move and wondering whether a new build is the right option for you, there are some great benefits to choosing a new build over another property type.

Designed for modern living

Older homes that date back decades, or even centuries, are simply not designed for modern lifestyles. Updating and improving them can be time consuming and expensive and you can expect to have to pay for more ongoing maintenance and repairs. A new build is designed with modern building standards in mind and comes with a 10-year NHBC warranty. From structure and space, through to amenities and aesthetics, this type of property is designed for a more hassle-free life.

Standard specifications tend to be impressive

With a converted property you may or not get white goods included and these may, or may not, be relatively new. Often, negotiation is required to compensate for a lack of amenities or features and there may be significant cost to you in creating a comfortable and luxurious space with the right specs. Appliances, bathroom features, and lifestyle-enhancing fixtures such as fitted wardrobes come as standard with a new build property. Not only is everything in the property new – from the kitchen to the boiler – but it’s all designed and installed with the latest in interiors trends and tastes in mind too.

Energy efficiency is a priority with a new build

If you’re buying an older property, particularly anything that was built in the 20th century, you’re very unlikely to find energy efficiency is high. This not only means that you’ll need to consume more energy to power, heat and light your property (which is not great for the environment) but this will cost you more too. A new build is around four times cheaper than an older home to run – in fact, according to the National House-Building Council Foundation and Zero Carbon Hub this could make it 47% - 55% cheaper than another type of property, depending on property size. There are many other savings to be made with a new build too – for example, insurance costs will be less than for an older home where more problems are likely to arise and so there is more to insure against.

A safer and cleaner environment

From better ventilation, to the use of recommended materials that meet modern testing standards, new build homes have a lot of design advantages over older homes when it comes to health and safety. Mains electric fire and smoke alarms, integrated glazing and ultra secure locks all help to ensure that you and your family are safe and protected without any additional measures required.

New build properties are incredibly popular thanks to these key benefits – contact us today or give our Property Search tool a try to find out more about the options that are available near you, or view  our current New Homes Listings here.