Clarke Gammon Wellers
iPhone, iPad and Android Apps Available to Download

Whether you are at home or on the go, property searching is now made easier with our suite of apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

iPhone & iPad

You can download the Clarke Gammon Wellers' iPhone or iPad app here.

Available on the App Store

Or, visit the App Store and search using "Clarke Gammon", in the ‘lifestyle section’. It's completely free!

If you have any problems downloading our app, before you try downloading it again, update your iPhone/iPad's software by installing the latest software updates via itunes and your PC.


Available on Google Play

You can download the Clarke Gammon Wellers' Android app here.

Available on Google Play

Or, go to Google Play on your phone and search for our app using "Clarke Gammon", in the ‘lifestyle section’. It's free and easy to download!

Available Features

  • The App is dynamically linked to our website so the data is as up to date as our website.
  • Full screen images of property to include internal and external images, floor plans and location map, all available via the iPhone finger swipe functionality or auto slideshow
  • Property List or Map based search results
  • View properties in your exact location using geo location technology
  • Call or email us with a single touch
  • Save favourite properties so you can revisit them at a later date
  • Save favourite search criteria